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Depending upon your needs, Stanton’s will provide the following services plus any additional requirements to ensure the success of your auction. PRE-AUCTION ARRANGEMENTS: We are a full service auction firm from the initial meeting and contact with you to the sale of your items. We will assist in the decision as to where your auction should be conducted including if you need assistance in packing and moving your items and other arrangements that will ensure the success of your auction. ADVERTISING: Stanton’s completes all advertising including flyers and brochures, photography work, cataloging, preparing print advertising for newspapers and specialized publications, listing your auction on multiple web sites and using our extensive mailing lists to mail flyers promoting your auction. PHOTOGRAPHY: We complete the photography work used for promoting the items to be sold. We believe that pictures generate more interest and, when coupled with the print advertising, attract additional buyers. SETTLEMENT: We make settlement with our clients within one to two weeks following the auction. This payment comes directly from Stanton’s Auctioneers. CONTACT US now to learn how we can liquidate your assets in the manner that will be the most efficient and profitable to you.

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