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Since 1954 Stanton’s Auctioneers have been called upon to liquidate some of the finest collections of antique automatic music machines including thousands of phonographs, music boxes, and all types of antique and collectible related items.

Each year we conduct two or more of these specialized auctions that are held not only in Michigan but also throughout the United States. Our travels take us across the U.S. and Canada viewing and acquiring collections for our upcoming auctions. Our list of clients, established over the course of our 60 years in the business, include buyers who attend and/or participate in our auctions from around the world.

We are always looking for quality examples of automatic music machines, cylinder and disc phonographs, music boxes, band and street organs, automata, bird cages and singing bird boxes, repeater and automata watches, orchestrions and nickelodeons, coin-operated machines, jukeboxes, records, scientific equipment and all types of unusual and related items.

Whether you have an entire collection, represent an estate or museum or have one machine that you would like to enter into our sales, we would like to visit with you regarding our services.

Throughout the year we are continually arranging our travel appointments around the country and Canada. We will be glad to meet with you to discuss the sale of your collection, machines or estates that you may be handling. As with the case of our three auctions conducted last year, we will be traveling to the east and west coasts, northern and southern states as well as the midwest picking up collections.

Our firm will handle the liquidation of the items including cataloging, photography, packing, insurance, transportation, storage, advertising and promotional work. Our rates are reasonable and our service is professional and well respected in this specialized field. Prompt payment is made within two or three weeks following the auction.

Contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss your situation, without obligation.  References are available.