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Ron Sitko Estate Antique Phonograph Parts & Service Business

Ron Sitko Estate Antique Phonograph Parts & Service Business


Ron Sitko Estate

“Antique Phonograph Parts & Service”

Stanton’s Auctioneers have been contracted to offer the business along with all present new inventory of the Ron Sitko Phonograph Parts business that was in New York.  For nearly 30 years Ron produced and sold parts across the country and world to collectors, and dealers of all types.

In addition to the inventory and business will be a group of antique parts machines, along with the equipment including metal lathe, table saw, drill press, benders for springs, and related pieces used in his business.  

We have produced a copy of the inventory prepared by Ron on December 31, 2021.  The inventory of new stock comes to $101,036.97.  In addition to this there have been additional pieces and stock delivered to his location that was ordered in 2020.  These items have added over $6,000 to the beforementioned amount.

Also, all books kept by Mr. Sitko, receipts for services provided to him, business relationships will be given to the purchaser of the business.  This information will not be revealed prior to the completion of the sale, and then only to the purchaser.  Ron’s sources were always guarded, and this information will be available only to the buyer of the business.  Please note that we (Stanton’s Auctioneers) have not cross referenced the parts inventory.  We can only supply the information that we have and offer to any interested parties the opportunity to examine the items included in the sale, by appointment at the business location in New York.  All parts, parts machines and equipment is located in New York and will need to be moved by the successful bidder from that location at their expense.

The business will be offered on our website through online bidding.  Registration to bid will be required from all interested parties, and the bidding will start at the price of $50,000.00.  The bidding will begin on our platform the first part of August and run through September 6th.  This should give all interested parties ample time to acquire any information needed and allow for travel and inspection of the offering.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Stanton’s directly, calling Steve Stanton (517) 331-8150, Email - for details.  No direct contact is to be made with Mrs. Sitko, without an appointment scheduled Stanton’s.  This is an excellent opportunity to carry on an established business that supplied a needed service to collectors and dealers for decades.  10% buyers premium will be charged on the final bid.

PLEASE NOTE - Information flyer and Spreadsheet document listing the parts in the inventory taken by Mr. Sitko are posted under documents.

Feel free to call if you have any questions.

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