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Large 3-Day Music Machine Auction, Thur., Fri., & Sat., January 6, 7, 8, 2022

Large 3-Day Music Machine Auction, Thur., Fri., & Sat., January 6, 7, 8, 2022

4-page flyer now posted with many new and rare items being sold.  A large and excellent event including major collections and estates from across the United States.  Included in the sale is Ron Sitko collection that includes nearly 200 machines and the rare example including the Berliner "Tin Can" and the Berliner JS, 2 Edison Bijou Coin-operated phonographs, Bettini reproducers, Cabinets, and more.  Also included is the Lelland Fletcher Estate collection from San Diego that has an excellent representation of music boxes, Mill's Violano Virtuoso with MIDI system, automaton's, rare clocks including musical and organ clocks, automatic changers, Rare Reginaphone 240 with lions heads in oak, as well as the Janko & Koontz Estates from Northern California that produced clean and quality wooden horn phonographs, music boxes and street organs.  Other items being sold include 2 band organs, A very nice Regina 15-1/2" changer with stained and leaded glass and a clock top, a rare Reginaphone oak desk model, bird boxes, Symphonion disc wall clock, Herzog full & 1/2 barrel cabinets, and so much more.  We are presently cataloging so we can post the hundreds and hundreds of pictures that will show the representation.  Many of the pictures presently posted were taken at the locations.  These will be replaced with our photos as we catalog them.

We are currently accepting individual machines and collections of phonographs, music boxes, nickelodeons, and band organs, as well as high end antiques and coin operated items.  Call us to discuss your items, collections, and the Estates that you may be representing.  We also continue to work with museums around North America in the deaccession of items and our efforts to find interested buyers for the items through our catalogs, online promotion, mailers, and phone bidding. Stanton’s can arrange pickup of your collections anywhere around the country.  


Call Steven E. Stanton, 517-331-8150, Email - or Michael C. Bleisch (517) 231-0868 for additional information


Online Pre-bidding now available at Live Auctioneers

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The Catalog is now posted under documents!!

This is a wonderful representation of clocks, music boxes, phonographs, records and accessory pieces of all types.  Feel free to call with questions, and plan on attending for a hands on inspection of the 1400 lots to be sold.


Barry Co. Expo Center, Barry Co. Fairgrounds, 1350 N. M-37 Highway, Hastings, Michigan 49058