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The Cretsinger Antique Auction, Saturday Morning, August 6th @ 9:30 A.M.

The Cretsinger Antique Auction, Saturday Morning, August 6th @ 9:30 A.M.


An excellent auction of antiques, furniture, collectibles, glass, lamps, pottery, and home furnishings.  This quality collection contains a large group of very nice examples.  The 1959 Ford 500 has been owned by Mr. Cretsinger for 40 years, it now has only 66,000 miles on it and it is a classic with many desired options.  The collection contains a number of John Rogers statues, Flow Blue china, carved bookcases, Hennecke decorated china (a large quantity including rare examples); Combination bookcase secretaries, Black Memorabilia, Vaseline opalescent glass, GWTW lamps, clocks, leaded, hanging, and reverse painted lamps, pictures, frames, teapot collection, Organ and table lamps, Excellent Victorian and Turn of the Century Sideboards and wardrobes, lots more.  Also home furnishings, car models, John Deere X300 riding mower, early bicycle,, see the pictures in our gallery and expect more.  See the partial and detailed listing below for a sampling of the items in this excellent collection being sold.

  1. 1959 Ford Galaxy 500 – 66,475 miles.  352 V8.  Three speed auto.  Fresh paint, seats and carpet.  Owner got this car 53 years ago with 10,000 miles.  
  2. John Deere mower tractor
  3. 1948 Raleigh three-speed bicycle with fully enclosed chain guard, linkage brakes, book rack and leather saddle.
  4. Walnut Victorian knock down wardrobe – 10 feet tall.  Ornate cartouche.
  5. Round walnut pedestal dining table – eight 16 inch leaves.  
  6. Six upholstered dining room chairs
  7. Two oak sideboards
  8. Two oak stools
  9. Mahogany music cabinet
  10. Large Horner style bookcase with carved men and beveled curved glass doors
  11. 1930’s curved sofa with lion feet
  12. Walnut three door chest
  13. Walnut wall clock
  14. Oak platform rocking chair
  15. Walnut and ash bookcase
  16. . Victorian style king size bed
  17. . Large cherry cupboard with small panes of glass
  18. Rare 36 inch round walnut table with 3 leaves
  19. Six walnut Eastlake chairs
  20. Marble top table
  21. Pine wardrobe
  22. Pool table
  23. Large desk with return extension
  24. Lamps
    1. Large red satin GWTH 
    2. Banquet lamb
    3. Victorian hanging lamp with pigeon blood shade
    4. Reverse painted lamp
    5. Pink student lamp
    6. Large leaded lamp
    7. Cherub lamp
    8. Blue tones with flower design GWTH 
    9. Green tones with flower design GWTH
    10. Others
    12. 25. Over 50 teapots; no duplicates
    13. 26. Statues
    14. a. John Rogers Weighing the Baby
    15. b. John Rogers Rip VanWinkle
    16. c. John Rogers Charity Patient
    17. d. John Rogers Chess
    18. e. Hennecke Taking the Cream
    19. f. Hennecke Is That you Tommy
    20. g. Hennecke First Love
    21. h. Hennecke Imposing on Good Nature
    22. i. Hennecke Wide Awake
    23. j. Hennecke Fast Asleep
    24. k. Hennecke Mama and Papa
    25. l. Hennecke Reading and Writing
    26. m. Hennecke By Jingo
    27. n. Hennecke You Dirty Boy
    29. 27. Over 90 pieces Hankey china
    30. a. 12 place settings Buttercup
    31. b. Buttercup serving pieces 
      1. i. Gravy boat
      2. ii. Serving bowls
      3. iii. Cream and sugar
      4. iv. Butter dish
      5. v. Syrup
      6. vi. Vase
    32. c. Very large rose pattern vase
    33. 28. Bennington pottery
    34. a. Super large bread bowl
    35. b. Cracker jar
    36. c. Cigar jar
    37. d. Teapots
    38. e. Pitcher
    39. f. Assorted other
    40. 29. Assorted china sets and hand painted dishes
    41. 30. Three Flow Washbowl and Pitcher sets
    42. 31. Assorted Flow Blue pieces
    43. 32. Victorian opalescent Vaseline Glass table set


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